First we need to end the mindset that the only way to succeed in life is that you need a liberal arts degree.  All this has done is fuel higher tuition rates which have led to students graduating with enormous debt.  Imagine if banks would let anyone have a mortgage on any price home not knowing whether you could afford to pay that off or not.  Home prices and soon defaults would skyrocket.  That’s what’s happening with student debt.  That’s the problem but what’s the answer?  We need to make our employers partners in the education of our students.  They are already willing and actually many are begging for trained workers particularly in the advanced manufacturing industries.  EB needs thousands of skilled workers machinists, welders, electronics workers etc. Partner them up with schools like Southeast Tech, Three Rivers CC and QVCC where EB will pay to train a student with a job guarantee after graduation.  The students agree to work for them for a period of time and know the salary they will be making before they even graduate.  Imagine telling a high school senior that in 18 months he can be making $1,500 a week.

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